Tamorrion Terry becomes FSU’s 1st 1,000-yard receiver in half decade

Preceding Saturday night, just nine Florida State players had ever enlisted 1,000-yard seasons. 

All things considered, make that 10. 

Since running back Cam Akers wasn’t the main ‘Nole to accomplish the rarified quality of the 1,000-yard club this season by outperforming that imprint surging. Redshirt-sophomore WR Tamorrion Terry hit four-digits through the air on the quality of his game-high 131 accepting yards in Gainesville. That put “Startling” Terry at 1,023 yards for the 2019 season, the ninth most in a solitary Seminole season. 

Here’s a gander at FSU’s 1k club, which was last gotten to by Rashad Greene in 2014: 

1: Ron Sellers (1968) 1,496 

2: Rashad Greene (2014) 1,365 

3: Snoop Minnis (2000) 1,340 

4: Barry Smith (1972) 1,243 

5: Peter Warrick (1998) 1,232 

6: Ron Sellers (1967) 1,228 

7: Rashad Greene (2013) 1,128 

8: E.G. Green (1997) 1,059 

9. Tamorrion Terry (2019) 1,023 

T10: Anquan Boldin (2002) 1,011 

T10: Kelvin Benjamin (2013) 1,011 

12: E.G. Green (1995) 1,007 

13: Andre Cooper (1995) 1,002 

Obviously, Terry could climb this rundown, yet like Akers, we’ll need to check whether he chooses for play in Florida State’s bowl game, as it’s fairly expected that Terry will forego his residual qualification to turn expert after this season.


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