Know The Significance Of Akshaya Navami And Jagaddhatri Puja Today

Akshaya Navami 2020 Image: In West Bengal, Jagaddhatri Puja is being observed today

Today is Amla Navami or Akshaya Navami. An auspicious day, Amla Navami is observed in the month of Kartik in the Hindu calendar. According to the scriptures, Satya Yuga or the ‘Golden Era’ began on this day. Satya Yuga is the first of the four Yugas or eras in Hinduism and the most significant one. Akshaya Navami is associated with charity and caring for the underprivileged in society. People who observe the day believe that activities done for charity purposes on this day makes one happy and prosperous. On Akshaya Navami, Jagaddhatri Puja is observed in the eastern part of the country, particularly West Bengal.

Amla Navami is observed just ahead of the Dev Uthani Ekadashi, another significant day. Devotees worship the Amla tree (Indian gooseberry) today and pray to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi. Worshipping the Amla tree is important for the devotees as they believe that this medicinal plant brings good health and wellbeing. It is also believed that eating under the Amla tree on this day eradicates poverty. Scriptures say, Goddess Lakshmi started the practice of eating food under Amla tree on Amla Navami.

Union Minister Giriraj Singh wished people on Twitter on Akshaya Navami. 


In the eastern part of India, particularly in West Bengal, Jagaddhatri Puja is done on Akshaya Navami. Goddess Jagaddhatri or Jagat Dhatri is an avatar of Goddess Durga or Shakti.


Akshaya Navami 2020 Image: In West Bengal Jagaddhatri Puja is being observed today

Goddess Jagaddhatri is considered as the mother of the world. Jagaddhatri Puja is similar to the Durga Puja in many ways and it is also observed for four days but the main day is on Navami tithi. 


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