The escalation between the two countries has increased considerably after the attack on Iran by the US. Let me tell you in the meantime if there is a war between the two, then who is so powerful.

New Delhi: The conflict between the US and Iran is at its peak. In the meantime, US President Donald Trump has warned that if Iran attacks American soldiers or properties, then a befitting reply will be given. America said that we have identified 52 places in Iran that will be attacked strongly. In a tweet, Trump said that we advise Iran not to do this. Because if they do this then America will attack like it has not happened yet.

Trump wrote in the tweet, “They attacked and we responded to that. If they attack again, which I advise them not to do, we will attack them more vigorously as never before.” ‘

Who so powerful

In such a situation it becomes necessary to know who has so much strategic power. The total number of aircraft and helicopters of the United States is 10170, while Iran has only 512.

If we talk about soldiers, America has 12 lakh 81 thousand soldiers while Iran has only 5 lakh 23 thousand soldiers. America has a total of 48 thousand 422 tanks and cannon while Iran has 8 thousand 577.

Whose defense budget is more

If we talk about ships and submarines, the US has this number 415 while Iran has only 398. There is also a huge difference in the defense budget of the two countries. The US defense budget is 716 billion dollars while Iran’s budget is only 6.3 billion dollars.

Iran hoisted the red flag

After Trump’s tweet, the tension between the two countries is set to increase further. On one hand, while the US President is warning of the attack, on the other hand, Iran has declared war and revenge by hoisting a red flag on the mosque. According to Shia tradition, the red flag on the mosque is a symbol of war and revenge.


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